Xactuell - Dynamic Database Publishing

Xactuell is the tool with which you can transfer information from databases or exchange formats directly into your layout. Xactuell permits you to work in your layout software as usual. Furthermore, it offers you the opportunity to access information from any data source at all times.


Xactuell is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign / Adobe InDesign Server or an XTension for QuarkXPress / QuarkXPress Server (all under Macintosh and Windows).


Simply relink pictures

PictureXTracker is the high performance tool (plug-in/XTension) for searching and relinking your picture files. Diverse setting options make searching easier. All necessary information concerning the existing pictures is clearly illustrated. 


CODEWARE GmbH makes your database publishing simple, quick and economical

With database publishing, the optimum structuring, organisation and utilisation of data for the creation of company publications, it is possible to make immense savings – in particular when the database publishing can be implemented without constant third-party services during the continuous updating of catalogues, price lists, technical documents and much more. 

The professional database publishing programs from CODEWARE offer exactly these advantages. Practically all work associated with the efficient creation of ready-to-publish pages is easy to learn and can be quickly implemented with these programs. 

Additional functions that are developed as CODEWARE individual software and that can be homogeneously integrated into the customer software lend themselves to particular, customer-specific applications in some cases.

The CODEWARE programs and tools run under Windows and Mac OS X as XTensions for QuarkXPress and plug-ins for Adobe InDesign. They significantly improve and speed up work in the fields of database publishing, cross media publishing, workflow optimisation, automation, print on demand - POD and web to print. Here are some of the technologies that were utilised: BMECat, XML, SOAP, CSV, TSV, Excel, Access, Sybase, Oracle, MS-SQL, Lotus Notes, DB-2, MySQL, Postgress, Filemaker.

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