PictureXTracker finds pictures in a haystack

When undertaking publishing work, it is important to be able to quickly and comfortably create or replace links between picture files with documents and to also organise the management of all pictures without errors, even the discarded pictures. If necessary, even pictures that appear to be lost without trace must be reliably and quickly found again.

PictureXTracker solves these tasks in a few mouse clicks. With only a few settings, PictureXTracker also offers the rational relinking of a large quantity of picture files with the associated documents, e.g. after reorganisation of the work environment. As a result, PictureXTracker is virtually indispensable when it comes to daily publishing work and rational picture file management. 

An overview of the advantages

    • No tedious reassignment of pictures whose storage areas have changed
    • Reassignment of all pictures from multiple documents at once
    • Unicode file name and folder support
    • Sample pages can be accepted or excluded from the editing with PictureXTracker!

The features at a click

Look at this: All PictureXTracker features in a Flash film!