Hit the ground running with Dynamic
Database Publishing for Adobe InDesign


The workplace solution

DataPublishing is a mature and proven solution for a professional Adobe-InDesign workplace – for lone warriors and team players alike. This solution adds intuitive tools for data communication and processing to Adobe InDesign, allowing access to centrally stored product data directly from Adobe InDesign. DataPublishing works on the basis of templates and rules. Once product data is placed on a page, they remain in the Adobe InDesign document as granular, linked units that can be updated at any time if desired. A media designer can become productive with these tools and produce all kinds of layouts after only one day of training.


  1. High-quality product presentation in a publication and always correct
  2. Direct access to all released product, mood images, icons, etc.
  3. Quick placement of product data in accordance with the style guide by using templates and automation
  4. Support of native InDesign functions for product placement (style sheets, formatting, layers, etc.)
  5. Creative change of product presentation while maintaining the product data update (from updating individual elements to groups or entire presentation)
  6. Access to central data storage and structure or publication-specific structure
  7. Automatic language exchange
  8. Can also be used in a team

Solution components

  1. Xactuell L/XL
  2. Data connector
  3. Adobe InDesign


The collaboration solution

TeamPublishing was developed to have one solution that bundles all the tools required for planning, controlling, trackable correcting and release in a team. All active users work with our collaboration solution. Each participant has their own special view of what they have to do. They are informed at all times about what they have to do and when – it is also immediately clear where there are problems. 

DataPublishing is the basis for TeamPublishing, so of course all advantages are also available here. Another option is to integrate RoboPublishing to enable live previewing or to outsource workflow steps that can relieve the InDesign workstation of particularly time-consuming tasks (e.g. creating PDFs).


  1. All the advantages of DataPublishing
  2. Central tool for planning, controlling, correction and release
  3. Trackable correcting
  4. Status driven
  5. Sophisticated rights system
  6. Instant overview of current productions
  7. Tasks and responsibilities in the team clearly defined
  8. Versioning of Adobe InDesign documents
  9. Browser-based page planning

Solution components

  1. Xactuell L/XL
  2. Data connector
  3. Adobe InDesign
  4. Cockpit XL
  5. Load balancing system
  6. Online monitoring
  7. Xactuell XL server (optional for workflows and previewing)
  8. Adobe InDesign Server (optional for workflows and previewing)


The generation engine

RoboPublishing was developed specifically as a high-performance, fully automated database publishing solution for the Adobe InDesign Server (not to be confused with InDesign for a DTP workstation). RoboPublishing easily produces all types of publications and of course offers all the possibilities of DataPublishing with the same added value. 


  1. All the advantages of DataPublishing
  2. Uses templates, documents and data from DataPublishing
  3. Full automation
  4. 24/7 availability
  5. Up to 8 times faster than an InDesign workplace
  6. Live previewing (e.g. with TeamPublishing)
  7. Workflow integration (e.g. PDF creation, price update)
  8. Web-to-print
  9. Possibility of integration as an autonomous print module in a third-party system

Solution components

  1. Xactuell XL Server
  2. Data connector
  3. Adobe InDesign Server
  4. Load balancing system
  5. Online monitoring

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